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Inspired by the Big Smoke

Sixth Form artists trip to London

Sixth Form artists caught the early train to London to spend the day gathering first hand contextual studies through the mediums of photography and observational drawing on Wednesday 11 October.

The trip started at the Tate Britain, where the large scale of Rachel Whiteread’s room casts enthralled pupils. Upper Sixth Former Francesca Matthews said: “Even though the scale of the pieces were large, there was still a sense of delicacy and fragility within the moulds.” On the chair casts, you could see impressions of who once sat upon them. In order to inform her personal investigation, Upper Sixth pupil Jenny McDowell-Langford noted that the Turner studies of the details of London architecture had encouraged her to look in more depth at the intricate details of the buildings that surround us.

The walk between the Tate Modern and National Gallery (expertly led by Mr Davidson, who has a fantastic knowledge of the monuments and buildings of interest within the city) was a great opportunity for Lower Sixth pupils to undertake some photo documentary style images, documenting the walk for their coursework project ‘routine’.

Our final destination was the National Gallery, where Lower Sixth pupils were directed towards the Degas exhibition. They were particularly focusing on the intimate details of ballet dancers in motion, as part of their coursework project. The National Gallery gave pupils working across all disciplines and themes the opportunity to gather thought provoking and interesting material that will inform the continuation of their studies.

Many thanks to Mr Davidson and Mrs Taylor for accompanying the trip. A special thanks to Mr Davidson for contributing his knowledge of famous London landmarks; pupils have commented on how helpful and interesting this was.