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Fluent in France

GCSE French trip to Bordeaux

Nine keen Francophile Upper Fifth Formers spent the first five days of their half-term in Bordeaux, France. They attended three-hour long lessons in the morning, and made the most of what the city had to offer in the afternoon.

Their teacher, Christian, quickly broke the ice with Louane’s song Je vole on the first day. After that, the pupils had the opportunity to consolidate some of their French on a wide range of topics.

We had a great cultural walk around the centre of Bordeaux with Séverine on the second afternoon. The pupils also had the chance to go to the Musée du Vin et du Négoce, where they learnt a lot about wine making.

Only 30 minutes outside of the city, we also visited the picturesque Château de la Brède, which belonged to the famous political philosopher Montesquieu. Finally, the Rue Sainte Catherine, the longest pedestrian street in Europe with all its shops, proved a hit with all!

Whilst the pupils were initially anxious at the idea of spending so much time amongst French people (they stayed with host families), they soon amazed themselves as their sense of understanding quickly improved and they were able to communicate with increase ease and fluency.