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Chaplain's thought for the week

Revd Tom considers small things we can do to look after the environment

As part of my series in Senior School Chapel this term on the theme of ‘leaving the world a better place than we found it’, I’ve reflected on environmental issues. In researching this topic, I was struck by two things in particular. First, the ways in which we humans continue to disregard our planet and the damage we cause. Second, by the bad habits we can all get into which contribute to this. I gave our pupils five easy practical things we can all do to look after the environment, and each one was a helpful reminder for me personally. Perhaps they’ll be useful to others.

1. Campaign for environmental issues

There are lots of ways to do this. Try, for example, going on a charity website like Tearfund’s who will help you to send an email to your local MP, asking them to take action on your behalf about climate change: This will take you only five minutes!

2. Throw away less

Remember to put your recyclables in the recycling and your leftover food in the compost… We can all reduce how much we send to landfill.

3. Turn things off

Just think of all the appliances and lights we all leave on all the time! Turn off the power switch on appliances; turn off lights when you’re not using them; don’t leave the TV on standby.

4. Eat less meat

Another great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Why? Because the process of getting meat from the fields to our tables is a massive source of greenhouse emissions. Producing meat also uses more precious water than the growth of vegetables does.

5. Walk and Cycle more

Car-related emissions are a major cause of global warming. We can all find ways to cut back on how much we use cars. Plus, walking or cycling are also a lot more healthy for us physically and mentally.


These are just five suggestions of things we can do; there are loads more. We live on a precious earth: let’s be grateful for it and take care of it.