Carnegie Award winning author runs creative writing workshop

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Carnegie Award winning author runs creative writing workshop

Tanya Landman

A selected group of Upper Fifth pupils thoroughly enjoyed participating in a creative writing workshop with Carnegie Medal winning author Tanya Landman on Wednesday afternoon.

While listening to a talk about the author’s career history, pupils gained a detailed insight into the world of publishing and editing. They then had the opportunity to participate in a question and answer session.

The workshop that followed centred around two different writing approaches. Firstly, pupils considered how to craft the start of an epic journey narrative. In doing so, they formulated responses to a range of leading questions and discussed them within groups. Secondly, pupils were asked to consider how to plan the plot of a murder mystery story that featured a celebrity victim.

When questioned subsequently about the workshop, Rosie Cromwell said: “ enjoyed making up story scenarios and discussing them.”

Fellow pupil Guy Roche said he found it interesting to create an epic journey story introduction based on a series of questions.