3A take on the challenge

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3A take on the challenge

First Pixies Holt weekend

On the first weekend of the Autumn term 3A departed on their residential trip to Pixies Holt. The pupils were able to challenge themselves while climbing on Hound Tor with all managing to make it up at least one of the four routes laid out by the instructors. They also enjoyed the walk between Haytor and Hound Tor where they learnt about the history of Dartmoor.

On the Sunday the pupils proved they we good at spotting the truths from the lies in the walk to Bellever Tor.

Evening activities involved making a chair out of balloons and designing clothing items for a fashion show out of Newspaper.

All pupils had a fun and energetic weekend and returned tired and happy. Thanks to all the school staff who helped out on the weekend and the centre staff for making this first weekend at Pixies this year such as success.