Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

Best Practices, Rules & Guidelines

The purpose of Exeter School’s social media sites is to keep the Exeter School Community informed with up to date news, events & photos. We cover a wide range of information such as pupil sporting matches, Alumni events, Career and Business Mentoring and day to day activities at the School. The School’s social media presence also provides a forum for conversations about a range of topics associated with the School and its community.

All users of these sites, staff, former pupils and parents need to conform to an acceptable standard of behaviour, ensuring to preserve both the user and School’s reputation. Exeter School has created these guidelines for those using its social media sites.

The guidelines below are good ground rules for those that are using Social Media sites but especially when engaging with Exeter School online.

• Ethos: Exeter School’s Social Media Sites act to serve the Exonian Community. The welfare and happiness of our pupils while at School and as Old Exonians is our priority. We hope the happy memories and relationship formed while at School will continue and that social media will help foster these relationships.

• Respect: Please be nice - simple as that! Be helpful and encourage one another. Treat others the way you’d want them to treat you. Certain topics can lead to inflammatory conversations and negative comments. Keep your comments kind, thoughtful and on topic.

• Contribute to the conversation. Make sure your posts add value to a conversation. If it’s a thoughtful, intelligent and kindly-worded post, then it’s adding value.

• Inside jokes don’t belong online. Inside jokes may seem funny to you, but are likely to be misunderstood, or worse, seen as offensive to others.

• Private isn’t really private. Anything you say online can be shared, often in one click. Just because your account has strict privacy settings doesn’t mean everything you post will remain private. Your friends may think your post is funny or brilliant and could share it online without asking you first. If you wouldn’t say something publicly, don’t post it online.

• You can’t delete it. Think before you post and don’t post if you’re feeling really emotional about something. There’s really no such thing as “delete” on the internet. So don’t let your emotions get the better of you and post something you may regret later.

• Respect what others have created. If you didn’t record that song, take that picture, write that article or create that video, don’t copy it. Share it instead. Linking back to the original artist’s song/photo/article/video is the best way to spread your love for what they created while respecting their talent and International Copyright laws.

• Respect confidentiality. We all have access to various confidential data, documents and conversations. Never share confidential information online.

• Keep your personal information personal. Never disclose your home address or phone number, or any other personal information online. Even if it’s only meant for a very close friend, remember it’s possible that all of their friends can see your post too. If you need to send someone your personal information, do it via a private message

• Warning and Blockings: First time offenders will be notified of their inappropriate behaviour and comments/photos removed. If the offence is repeated you will be blocked automatically.

• Flagging inappropriate material: Members are encouraged to flag items that are inappropriate. Self-policing is the most effective way to keep spammers and inappropriate content at bay. See Contact.

• Contact: If you have any questions about our Social Media sites or would like Exeter School to share a news story or announcement please contact or tel. 01392 411235.

• ENJOY! We hope you enjoy being members of our Social Media Sites. Please use it responsibly and with sensibility. In keeping with the above requirements we can ensure this programme will be preserved for others.

“Exeter School is not responsible for the content featured by third parties on our Social Media Sites. The links and discussions that are featured on these sites are for information only and are not an endorsement of any kind. This group is carefully monitored but Exeter School does not assume any liability for the comments, discussions, polls, goods or services provided by third parties.”