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Artists of the Moment

Individual achievement

The Art Department regularly recognises the achievements of individual pupils in the Third Form through to the Upper Sixth through the award of the title, ‘Artist of the Moment’. Entries cover a wide range of disciplines, including drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation and mixed media.

Head of Art, Ali Escott, said: “The ‘Artist of the Moment’ feature allows us to celebrate the achievements of our pupils with the wider school community and highlights the high standard and breadth of work produced during the course of the academic year.”

This week’s ‘Artists of the Moment’ are Livia Singer, Roxy Burrage, Emily Crighton and Maddie Keliher in the Middle Fifth Form. The pupils have recently produced this collaborative screen print inspired by the illustrator Charlotte Farmer as part of their GCSE coursework on the theme of ‘Collections’.