Week commencing 3 June 2019

Week commencing 3 June 2019


Monday 27 May

Just before half term the U9 and U11 athletics squad travelled to Exeter Arena for the annual meet, hosted by Exeter Cathedral School. The U9 competition was not scored and was an opportunity for all of the athletes who competed at Blundell's the week before to hone their skills whilst being at a regional standard athletics venue.

At U9 level girls and boys took part in the 75m sprint, 200m, 800m, rounders/cricket ball throw, the long jump and the 4 x 100m relay. Once again some excellent performances were recorded on the day and it was a pleasure to see the likes of Joseph Lomas and Rose Batty perform brilliantly in the sprints and Benjamin Ledwidge and Henni Lutke-Schipholt in the field.

Although the scores did not count, congratulations must go to both the U9 girls and boys 4 x 100m relay's who both won their race with around 20 meters to spare:

U9 girls 4 x 100m team: Rose Batty, Zoe Carson, Henni Lutke-Schipholt and Thea Rochester

U9 boys 4 x 100m team: Oliver Lister, Joseph Lomas, Reuben Tucker and Theo Lawrence.

The U11 athletes were competing against ECS, Plymouth College, St John's and Trinity, with only 1 competitor being entered per event. Some notable improvements came from athletes on the track and in the field namely Rory Clarke and Yasmin Brown in the High Jump, Oliver Johnson in the 800m (running sub 2.45 minutes) and Hanna Sari and George Gillingham in the 200m. A special mention must go Milly Traylor and Jacob Hardy who both took tumbles in their hurdles races; however, they got up and kept going and finished - Milly even came second! The resilience and determination shown impressed all who were watching and many parents expressed how impressed they were with both Jacob and Milly. They certainly did themselves and Exeter Junior School proud.

Once again, Exeter displayed levels of class in the 4 x 100m relays with the girls winning with 20 meters to spare and the boys came 2nd to a very strong and talented Trinity 4 x 100m team.

U11 girls 4 x 100m team: Yasmin Brown, Emma Barton, Lydia McLeod and Tess Hughes

U11 boys 4 x 100m team: Ollie Johnson, George Gillingham, Tom Byrne and Wilfred Venn

Overall, Exeter was crowned the winners of the meet. Congratulations to all of the athletes for putting in superb performances; it has been a fantastic half term of athletics.

Boys' Cricket

Monday 3 June
U11A v Exeter Cathedral School - won by 84 runs

U11A - 171 for 5 (Gus Lovell 36 retired, Rory Clarke 30 retired)

Exeter Cathedral School - 87 for 8 (George Gillingham 2 for 10)

"Having won the toss and decided to bat in this 20 over game, we were looking to get off to a positive start. However, things didn’t go accordingly to plan in the first few overs but Rory Clarke and Gus Lovell led the way in the middle of the innings with some really positive batting," said Mr Ashman.

"Tom Byrne and Jack Wills finished with a flourish and we posted a very impressive 171 in our 20 overs. The most positive aspect of the match for us was the way we bowled and fielded. Whilst we ended up winning quite convincingly, the opposition had two particularly good players, who tested our skills with the ball and in the field.

"The fact that all our bowlers had respectable economy rates shows how well they dealt with the situation. Tom Byrne deserves a mention for providing the sternest test to their two best players with his off-spin. Overall, this was a very productive afternoon at the office!"

U11B v Exeter Cathedral School - won by 50 runs

Exeter - 313 for 5 (Alex Vosper 23n.o. William Hamilton 19 (2), Felix Flexman 14 (1))

Exeter Cathedral School - 253 for 9 (Todd Rook 2 for 10, Sam Benzimra 2 for 9, Felix Flexman 2 for 5)

"A comprehensive and well deserved win for our boys," said Mr Bland.

"As the stats show, there were a lot of really good performances, with the whole team making a positive contribution. Felix Flexman performed particularly well on his debut, with both bat and ball. Alex Vosper and Alex Raichura were our most prolific batting pair, scoring 35 runs off their four overs, to put us in a really strong position.

"From here the opposition never really looked like reaching the target, with our boys offering few opportunities, keeping the wides and no balls within acceptable levels. Well done to the whole team!"

Wednesday 5 June

U10A v Blundell’s Prep - won by 54 runs

Exeter - 323 for 8 (William Maynard – 28, Josh Paget – 23, Ross Jameson – 20, Jacob Hardy – 12, Toby Donegan – 11, James O’Connell – 10)

Blundell’s Prep - 269 for 5 (Toby Kenefick 1 for 9, Ollie Johnson 1 for 4, Daniel Adams 1 for 5, Rufus Lovell 1 for 13, Josh Paget 1 for 9)

“This was a pleasing result and a comfortable victory for the boys in the end," said Mr Wood.

"Although we were, as a team, a little wayward with the ball and generous with extras when in the field, the batting was impressive with some good personal totals for several of the players. I was particularly happy with the calling, backing up and decision making which is looking much more confident than at the start of the season, and the whole team is quicker to realise when a quick single is on, and when it isn’t.

"As a result, the scoreboard ticked over nicely and we were past Blundell’s total with several overs to spare. The main target for these boys is to realise that ball speed is not everything when bowling, and that a good line and length, at a steady, controllable pace, will get far greater results at this level. I look forward to hearing about the focussed practice in the garden over the weekend to this end!”

U10B v Blundell’s Prep - won by 41 runs

Blundell’s Prep - 280 for 6 (Sebastian Hemmings 2 for 15)

Exeter - 321 for 7 (Samuel Morgan 16 not out, Franklin Harreld 14 not out)

"We won the toss and put the opposition into bat. Whilst we bowled and fielded quite competently, too many wides ensured that we had a reasonable target to chase," said Mr Ashman.

"Sebastian Hemmings deserves credit for taking a couple of wickets towards the end, when the opposition was looking to increase the run rate. However, the pick of our bowlers was Samuel Morgan, who bowled two maidens in his short spell.

"We lost a few wickets in the early stages of our innings, but both openers (Ewan Baker and Freddie Cann) were very unlucky to come up against a particularly good spell of bowling. Ewan was particularly unlucky, having shown great technique; he just played down the wrong line a couple of times and got bowled twice! Freddie on the other hand looked very composed, but missed out on the number of balls that he faced.

"Nevertheless, we recovered well and went 11 overs without losing a wicket. Samuel Morgan and Franklin Harreld led the way, ably supported by a few of their teammates. In the final analysis, we ended up winning quite comfortably.

"I was delighted with the attitude and application of all the boys in what was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon’s cricket. Well done, lads!"

Thursday 6 June

U9A v Exeter Cathedral School - won by 22 runs

Exeter Junior - 335 for 2

Exeter Cathedral School - 244 for 6

"This was a super afternoon’s crocket with both sides playing with great spirit and sportsmanship," said Mr Pidwell.

"I was very impressed by the increased skills and ability of the side. Exeter Cathedral School fielded well but some well-placed 20/20 style “big hits,” soon saw the run rate rise.

"Our final pair (Reuben Tucker and Oliver Lister) put on 50 runs in just 3 overs. There was stalwart batting from Leo Raichura and Joseph Lomas, who opened and had to soak up the full fury of Cathedral’s excellent opening bowler. Yi – Ren Wong, Mitchell Harreld, Benjamin Ledwidge, Finlay Murray and Theo Lawrence all hit fours.

"Amongst notable catches, James Biddick caught a very good catch at Covers. Finlay Murray also took four wickets, whilst Oliver Lister actually hit a six.

"This fixture’s captain was Joseph Lomas, whose every over call of “on your toes lads,” really did keep his team focused and “on their toes!” A lovely afternoon’s cricket."

U8A v Exeter Cathedral School - lost by 9 runs

Exeter Junior - 257 for 2

Exeter Cathedral - 266 for 4 (Mark Lian 2 for 5, Ted Brough 1 for 8)

"The boys applied themselves well but just lost out in last few overs," said Mr Ashman.

"Our total was always likely to be a bit short, with all our batsman guilty of not putting bat to ball often enough. As far as our bowling was concerned, Mark Lian nearly pulled it round for us with 4 overs to go, when he took two wickets in an over, but it wasn’t to be.

"The boys have made great progress with their bowling this term, but need to keep working on consistently getting the ball up to the batsman. We are all eagerly looking forward to the mixed matches against Blundell’s Prep on 20 June."

Girls’ Cricket

Wednesday 5 June

U11A v Wellington - won by 95 runs

Wellington - 199

Exeter - 296

"It was lovely to welcome Wellington School to Exeter for a 15 over cricket game," said Miss Wright.

"Exeter was put into bat first and Wellington displayed some lovely bowling with excellent line and length. However, our girls were excellent at communicating when at the crease and the team all ran up some very quick singles. At one point Exeter even ran 4 runs!

"It was so pleasing to see all the Exeter girls running their bat in nicely which prevented 3 run outs. Throughout the 15 overs Exeter only lost 4 wickets with opening batters Megan Roberts and Emma Barton putting on the most of all pairs, scoring 28 in 3 overs. This was closely followed by Lydia McLeod and Rosie Batchelor who put 24 on the board.

"Exeter scored a solid 296 so it was important that fielding was tight throughout. Charlotte Greenwood, Rosie Batchelor, Freya Kotting and Tess Hughes all got 1 wicket when bowling their over. Esme Hobbs, Grace Lister and Emma Barton got 2 wickets in the 6 balls they bowled and Lydia McLeod got an excellent 3 wickets in only 1 over!

"It goes without saying that Exeter's fielding was exceptionally tight with not only brilliant bowling being displayed but excellent catches being taken and some strong backing up, especially by Yasmin Brown. Tess Hughes also had a brilliant stumping having fielded the ball in close.

"From today’s performance it was so clear to see how much the team has improved and learnt so far this season with the ball and bat. Congratulations to Rosie Batchelor who was voted as bowler of the innings, Freya Kotting as the batter and Emma Barton as the fielder."

U11B v Wellington School - won by 57 runs

Exeter - 316

Wellington - 259

"Exeter hosted an exciting 15 over cricket match against Wellington School," said Miss McIlwrath.

"Exeter were put into field first and demonstrated some excellent bowling with wickets from Yasmin Tucker, Maya Gill, Lucy Netherton and Milly Traylor. The fielding was tight and extremely efficient, minimising runs scored by the opposition. Rosie Selley and Phoebe displayed outstanding reactions in the field, throwing at wickets and stomping a number of players out! Exeter went up to bat and were chasing 259 runs.

"Throughout the 15 overs, Exeter only lost five wickets. Milly Traylor and Yasmin Tucker put on the most of all pairs, scoring 23 runs in 2 overs, closely followed by Maya Gill and Martha Herniman who scored 18 runs. The communication on the crease between Talia Hill and Rosie Selley, and Ella Fowler and Dulcie Mason was effective, resulting in some quick single runs.

"The team's communication and tactical thinking resulted in an impressive 316 on the board. Congratulations to Milly Traylor who was voted bowler of the innings, Rosie Selley who was voted batter and Phoebe as fielder."

Thursday 6 June
U9A v Millfield (friendly game)

"The U9 girls were very excited to travel away to Millfield for their first taste of cricket this season," said Miss Wright.

"All girls batted and bowled and fully embraced the excitement of the game. Exeter did the toss and were put into bat first. Some lovely batting skills were displayed by opening batter Grace Golsworthy and Evie Handley and Sienna Mitchell put on the most runs as a pair; Sienna even hit a 6!

"When it was time for Exeter to field Thea Rochester, Henni Lutke-Schipholt and Arabella Greenwood displayed some outstanding bowling, putting down some excellent straight balls that Millfield found tricky to hit. It was Alice Kotting and Charlotte Wood who were on fire in the field and managed to stump and run out a number of the Millfield girls.

Well done to all of team who really enjoyed the whole experience and it is clear that these girls are going to be budding cricketers!

U9B v Millfield (friendly game)

"The U9 B team had a very enjoyable afternoon at Millfield playing in their first cricket match for Exeter School," said Mrs Marsh.

"They batted enthusiastically learning new rules as the game progressed, and improved their understanding of the fielding positions. Everyone bowled and batted and worked very positively as a team.

"Matilda Sharland and Grace Findlay really began to develop their bowling technique and Anna Brookes- Ferrari made real progress with her batting.

"Well done to the team."

U8 v Millfield (friendly game)

"The U8 girls travelled to Millfield for their first cricket outing of the summer," said Mrs Handley.

"Exeter fielded first and quickly established their positions around the field. Within a very friendly coaching environment, the girls grew with confidence and displayed some impressive bowling, and quick thinking fielding skills. Isla Gray and Chloe Jenkins both demonstrated very accurate bowling. Isabelle Johnson and Sophia Castro were quick to retrieve the ball.

"Exeter then batted well, with Maisie Ash, Faith Bowden Wilson and Eloisa Sherlock giving some great hits and decisive running. A great start to their cricket careers and a confidence building game throughout. Well done girls!"