Week commencing 9 July 2018

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Week commencing 9 July 2018


Monday 9 July

House Swimming Gala

Third and Fourth Form Inter House Gala 2017 - 2018

Lowest points wins

1st Acland 40 pts

2nd Goff 51 pts

3rd Collins 54 pts

4th Crossing 56 pts

5th Townsend 59 pts

6th Raleigh 64 pts

7th Drake 70 pts

8th Daw 75 pts

9th Buller 77 pts

Tuesday 10 July

House Swimming Gala

Lower Fifth and Middle Fifth Inter House Gala 2017 - 2018

Lowest points wins

1st Townsend 29 pts

2nd Daw 49 pts

3rd Acland 54 pts

4th Goff 57 pts

5th Crossing 59 pts

6th Raleigh 65 pts

7th Buller 71 pts

8th Drake 81 pts

9th Collins 82 pts

Activities Day

Monday 9 July

Over the two activity days pupils from the Third to Middle Fifth were involved in on-site cricket, rounders and challenges to gain valuable points for their Houses. Pupils were able to bask in the sunshine throughout both days, enjoying their finals days at school playing sport in a positive manner.

The morning cricket competition saw boys and girls battling against each other's Houses in a paired cricket format. Crossing emerged the overall victors with Townsend taking the runner up spot.

Those not involved in the cricket took part in a series of challenges such as giant aircraft construction, Mr Potato Head flight challenge and a quiz. Townsend triumphed with Raleigh running a close second.

In the afternoon, all pupils took part in the House rounders competition to round off the day. Daw and Raleigh shared the overall victory.