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Turning adventures into reality

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Nineteen Middle Fifth pupils set off for a two-day adventure in the Woodbury-Sidmouth area over the weekend. Having completed a practice expedition last Autumn, it was time to put what they had learnt into practice to pass their qualifying expedition for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Despite facing some light rain during their first hour of walking, all three teams managed to arrive at their nominated campsite/field in good time. This was just as well, as shortly after having eaten their evening meal (or nearly for some), a storm broke out! Luckily, all their belongings were well protected inside the tents.

On the second day of the expedition, the sun shone for most of the day, and the walkers were delighted when they arrived at their penultimate check point (on top of Peak Hill), to be debriefed by Mrs Metcalf, their assessor.

Well done to them all! Thank you to Mrs Cartwright, Mrs Masters, Dr Cortese, Dr Robb and Mrs Metcalf for giving up their time to make this adventure a reality.