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Raleigh House Charity Swim

Mind and Ellen Tinkham School

After a grand plan of doing something ‘epic’ for charity, the pupils of Raleigh House turned their attention to do something that will not only turn heads, but also tie together the school’s Devon roots with the new swimming pool facility.

It was decided that they would swim the length of the River Exe, from its origin on Exmoor, to its finale in Exmouth, cutting through Exeter en route.

Lower Sixth Former James Harris took on the responsibility of ensuring we swam every metre by mapping the route, creating landmarks that we would have to tick off on our way. After meticulously plotting the path of the river, James broke the task down into some figures that put fear into everyone involved:

101.3 kilometres/63.3 miles

4032 lengths of the school pool (25m per length)

85 pupils – 48 lengths each

The swim took place over 7 lunch sessions, only 30 minutes of swimming each day. Some individuals took up the challenge and gave all they had, attending on each day to help reach the final destination. The positive feeling grew within the group to spill over to other House pupils donating their lengths towards the total.

By the end of Day 1, the group found themselves in Silly Bridge on Exmoor. Day 2, they spent the night on the Devon and Somerset border after swimming 35kms. Day 3 was a tough slog, crossing back into Devon. Day 4 saw a night spent in Tiverton, with the feeling of getting close to home. Another 15 km’s swam on Day 5 took the total to 67kms. Day 6 was the return to Exeter with the excitement of a downstream run into Exmouth on Day 7.

The group were doing all of this to raise money for two charities. Mind, the mental health charity is one of the school’s good causes this year and helps to support those in need of support for mental health problems.

The other is Ellen Tinkham School, put forward by Raleigh House pupil, Daniella Monger. The school is able to support pupils with extra needs, providing a positive and stimulating learning experience.

Mr Jones, Head of Raleigh House, said: “I am delighted to see the pupils engage with this charity effort. They agreed they wanted to do something different, something that would bring all of the year groups together for a common cause.

“It has been really special to see each pupil’s character, who is willing to go the extra mile to help those in need. We have raised a great amount already that the pupils can give with the knowledge they have really earned respect for what they have done.”

House Captain, Rowan Leeder, said it felt great to be part of this charity swim.

“It was nice to see so many people taking part, willing to give up some of their time for a good cause.”

So far Raleigh House pupils have raised over £200 for charity.