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Inspired by Raleigh International

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Alumnus Ben Bliss (2010 - 2017), who is on a GAP year prior to starting his Chemistry course at Birmingham University, came into school to give a talk about Raleigh International.

He gave an illustrated talk and followed up with Q & As with Lower Sixth pupils. He discussed the benefits of taking on such a task, the problems faced and lessons learned about diversity, inclusivity, different cultural backgrounds and educational standards around the globe, and the importance of team work in order to get tasks accomplished.

His particular group’s task was to develop and educate about water usage in order to eliminate the problems of young girls missing a week of school every month due to the lack of clean water and sanitation during their menstrual cycles.

Our pupils were astounded by the details and moved by the plight of the young girls in Tanzania who lost a week every month of normal activities due to lack of sanitation and hygiene education.