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CCF skills put into action

Army Section Overnight Exercise

The Army Section deployed to Woodbury Common for an overnight tactical exercise on Thursday 21 July. Members of the Middle Fifth and Lower Sixth were split into 2 platoons and after some initial kit and equipment issue they patrolled out and established their harbour areas (their camps).

The cadets then enjoyed the delights of the military ration pack for evening meal before deploying on a number of recce patrols that lasted well into the evening. On these patrols the cadets gathered intelligence about the enemy location and their intentions with the aim of setting an ambush for them the following morning.

After a few hours of sleep the cadets were up early to rehearse and receive orders for their ambush. The 2 Platoon Commanders, Freddie Herring and Tom Barlow, delivered clear and concise orders to their platoons and the ambush was successfully set. Other activities on the exercise included a stalk (basically a military version of hide and seek) and model making.

Head of Army Section Captain Trim said the exercise was a great success and all cadets benefitted from being able to apply the skills that they have learnt in CCF sessions at school into a more realistic exercise environment.

“We look forward to developing these skills further during the Summer Camp in the next few weeks.”