Alumnus talk on Radiology

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Alumnus talk on Radiology

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Alumnus Dr Richard Perris (1977-1988) gave a fascinating talk on Radiology to pupils in the Medical Society on 24 April.

Richard studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology A Levels in the Sixth Form and then trained to be a doctor at Sheffield University Medical School. After graduation, he gained experience in various areas of medicine as a Surgical House Officer including A&E, ENT, and Cardiothoracic Surgery. His real interest in Radiology developed when he spent two years in Copenhagen. After specialist training in Bristol and a post as a Specialist Registrar in Radiology at Oxford from 2003 – 2009, Richard joined Torbay Hospital as a consultant radiologist.

His talk began by explaining the differences between radiologists who are qualified doctors with five years of Radiology training, radiographers, degree qualified healthcare practitioners and radiotherapists, who treat disease with ionising radiation. He then covered the various ways that images are acquired, including X-rays, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans and nuclear medicine.

He demonstrated the advantages and disadvantages of each method covering aspects such as cost, type of equipment and patient experience. Richard went on to explain how much of his work is involved in analysing the large quantity of data that is now available to make a diagnosis. Richard also showed how his worked linked in to the surgical team who would go on to perform often life-saving surgery.

He ended his talk by asking the pupils to identity the medical conditions revealed in a series of images he showed on screen. Issues depicted ranged from an air gun pellet passing right through the brain to severe head injuries and tumours. A series of pertinent questions from the pupils showed how interesting they had found his talk.

At the conclusion of the presentation, Richard, who was in Buller House, was photographed with two Buller Sixth Form MedSoc pupils and Head of Buller House Peter Boddington.