A mechanical paradise in Exeter

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A mechanical paradise in Exeter

Middle Fifth visit Exeter University Sculpture trail

25 Middle Fifth Art pupils took part in what has become an annual visit to Streatham Campus Sculpture trail, at Exeter University. The purpose of this trip was to gather first-hand evidence for their GCSE coursework project ‘Mechanical Paradise’ through the mediums of drawing and photography.

This is the department’s third year of taking pupils to the sculpture trail at Streatham Campus; the trail is a real hidden gem in Exeter and is home to a variety of sculptures by well-known figures such as Barbara Hepworth, Peter Randall-Page and Roger Leigh.

Pupils were particularly looking for sculptures that emulated mechanical forms, whether this was through the medium the sculpture was created in or the subject matter/form. The sculptures inspired an array of first-hand responses, from soft tonal studies in pencil to quick, gestural biro drawings.

Upon returning to the studios, pupils will develop their studies their studies further and this work will go on to inform the progression of their ‘Mechanical Paradise’ coursework.