A fascinating contrast

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A fascinating contrast

Land Rover and Morgan DT trip

23 GCSE Design and Technology pupils from the Middle Fifth visited the Land Rover and Morgan factories over two days at the end of April.

Indoor go karting preceded the visits on Monday, this memorable team building occasion was hotly contested.

The traditional skills of Morgan and the automated mass production of Land Rover made for a fascinating contrast. Pupils observed the traditional skills to create the ash frame, aluminium skin and leather interiors at Morgan.

While in stark contrast, the Land Rover Discovery production line demonstrated huge investment and the world’s two largest sheet metal pressing machines that formed aluminium sheet into panels with 8,000 tons of pressure. The panels were then glued and riveted to form the bodies by robotics, the level of automation and complete lack of people in some areas was a great surprise to many!

Tom Kingsnorth said it was a fantastic experience.

“It gave a new light to how both modern and classic car are made. The Morgan factory especially showed the nest materials and most skilled craftsman creating magnificent cars.”

Louie Ferraro was amazed by how diverse the two company’s methods of making cars were.

Lexi Jellard agreed it was incredible to see how Morgan produced their beautiful classic cars.