The Norman invasion

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The Norman invasion

Exeter School Third Form French trip

Exeter School pupils enjoyed a trip to Normandy to put their French language skills into practice before the summer term ended.

The Third Formers spent five days at the Château de la Baudonnière this year. Activities ranged from bread making and snail eating to sight seeing and enjoying the beach.

Jodie Blackmore said all four evenings brought with them a new set of drama, laughter and sheer joy as the whole group came together and got to know one another.

“Personally, my favourite night was when we had the delicious barbecue, (expertly cooked by the wonderful chefs), and we ran around, sang and talked for several hours!” she said.

“The beauty of the region is outstanding, ranging from a gorgeous sand-filled beach to perfectly cobbled streets selling the most amazing crepes I have literally ever tasted!

"Every activity was amazing, and I have discovered that the mud from the parcours de santé really does help your skin, so lather it on even though there is the disgusting stench of cow’s poo!

"L’escalade brought a huge sense of pride as you reached the top, rung the bell and heard everyone cheering below your feet. Tir a' l’arc and feeling slightly embarrassed when you shot at someone else’s target and not your own. L'aéroballe, bouncing up and down, and feeling so exhilarated when you finally got the ball in the net in the last five seconds!

“It is an incredible trip that I was extremely lucky to have been on, and one last thanks to all the staff who took part!”

Head of Modern Foreign Languages Mick Latimer said this year’s final evening Talent Show in Normandy showcased songs and gymnastics, water bottle tricks and magic maths, stand-up comedy and Rubik’s cube mastery, and a boy reading pages of the Homebase catalogue to a background of soft jazz.

“As ever the 53 trippers threw themselves into the activities at the Château, with untrammelled sunshine and blue skies from start to finish,” he said.

“This helped make for a memorable day in Saint Malo, with beach games and some retail therapy, culminating in the award of the ‘Most Ridiculous Purchase’ to an inflatable cactus headdress quoit game costing €30.

Thanks go to the indefatigable team of Mrs Masters, Mrs Alborough, Mr Wilcock, Mr Malone-Lee and Mr Marshall, and also to Mrs Caroline Colin, our Matron.