Week commencing 21 January 2019

News & events

Week commencing 21 January 2019


Saturday 19 January

1st VII v Wellington - won 34 - 22

2nd VII v Wellington - won 15 - 2

3rd VII v Wellington - won 10 - 8

U14A VII v Wellington - won 14 - 10

U14B VII v Wellington - won 21 - 8

U13A VII v Wellington - won 36 - 10

U13B VII v Wellington - won 34 - 0

U12A VII v Wellington - lost 17 - 24

U12B VII v Wellington - lost 1 - 3

Wednesday 23 January

1st VII v King's Taunton - won 35 - 27 (player of match Lauren Sampson)

2nd VII v King's Taunton - lost 9 - 15 (player of match Lorna Gebbie)

3rd VII v King's Taunton - lost 23 - 25 (player of match Daisy Bishop)

4th VII v King's Taunton - postponed

U15A VII v King's Taunton - won 33 - 12

U15B VII v King's Taunton - lost 10 - 23

U14A VII v King's Taunton - lost 7 - 20

U14B VII v King's Taunton - lost 10 - 23

Boys' Hockey

Saturday 19 January

1st XI v West Buckland – won 2 - 0

2nd XI v West Buckland – won 2 - 0

U15 XI v West Buckland – lost 0 - 1

U14 XI v West Buckland – won 8 - 0

U13A v West Buckland – won 4 - 2

U13B v West Buckland – won 9 - 1

U12A v West Buckland – won 9 - 5

U12B v West Buckland – won 5 - 0

Thursday 24 January

National Cup

U16 XI v Queen's College, Taunton - won 2 - 1


Monday 21 January
Gala v West Buckland School

Exeter School travelled to West Buckland for a repeat fixture against West Buckland and Wellington.

"The team started well and won eleven out twelve races on the first strokes of backstroke and breaststroke," said Dr Robb.

"After a more closely fought set of races on butterfly, freestyle and individual medley the swimmers combined well in the freestyle and medley relay to record a convincing win overall.

"All pupils are now looking forward to the repeat fixtures at Queen's towards the end of the term and at Wellington in the summer term."


Wednesday 23 January 

1st XI v Shebbear College - won 4 – 2 (Charlie Pullen 2, Ed Lister [pen], Cameron Dennis)

"The eagerly awaited first game of the season duly arrived," said Mr Ashman.

"In spite of the Herculean efforts of the ground staff, the pitch was very sticky and cut up increasingly, as the game progressed. This necessitated a varied game plan, with slick passing interspaced with a more direct approach.

"The boys were quick ‘out of the traps’ (something we have discussed on a few occasions!) and we dominated territorially during the opening exchanges. We also managed to convert that dominance into chances and goals, taking a 3 – 0 break into the break.

"The target was then to maintain our tempo and keep a clean sheet. However, as so often happens, the team in deficit at the break tends to benefit from the gap in play and there is a reaction to follow! If truth be told, we didn’t deal with this particularly well and the game became a bit ragged.

"Luckily, we tightened things up and had a second spell of dominance and ended up winning fairly comfortably. I was particularly impressed with the spell of play just before half-time, where we controlled proceedings most impressively. Overall, it had been a very decent afternoon’s work."


Wednesday 23 January

 U17 v Taunton School - postponed