The Great Spelling Bee

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The Great Spelling Bee

Exeter School’s inaugural competition

Exeter School held its first Great Spelling Bee on the last week of the spring term. Houses competed against each other in teams to win the beautifully designed wooden trophy in the form of a Scrabble board.

There were five rounds in the first stage of the competition. The first was a team round in which pupils were given ten commonly misspelt words by quiz master and Head of English Mr Dobson and they had to agree on the correct spelling and write it on a mini whiteboard.

In the next round, junior and senior pairs in each team were given five words to spell, again on their whiteboards, and finally there was an individual round in which all four team members had their own words to spell.

In Round 4 they were given the definitions of 10 words and had to fill in the blanks in a sentence, followed by some fiendishly difficult anagrams in Round 5.

After a refreshment break, the five teams with the lowest scores were eliminated, leaving Dowrich, Drake, Goff, Raleigh and Townsend to battle it out in the Sudden Death round.

Each team nominated their best speller to compete, and special mention here must go to Toby Page in 3D who was chosen by his team mates to represent Dowrich. Amidst rising tension, Drake eventually emerged victorious when Oliver Tucker was able to spell correctly the word "phosphorescent".

Well done to all the pupils who took part and congratulations to Drake!