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Support for the future

Alumni talk

Exeter School welcomed Exonian Andrew Neligan (1991-1996) back to school on 26 March for a talk with Sixth Form pupils on personal finances. As a Financial Advisor Andrew was able to share his insight and advise pupils on how to manage their money to provide the best support for themselves long in to the future.

As the end of their school days are soon approaching Andrew asked them to consider the importance of planning for the long term future when it comes to money and not just considering the immediate here and now, whilst things like buying a house, having children or even retiring feel a long way off he informed pupils that making plans and provisions with money sooner rather than later will be well worth the effort and their ‘future selves’ will thank them for it.

He talked them through different types of debt, investment, the use of credit cards and pay day loans as well as considering different savings options to provide sustainable financial stability for many decades to come.

Pupils were challenged to review their own perceptions about money and the value of spending and borrowing money in order to invest in themselves such as student loans for a university degree or qualification.

This talk is part of a series of activities, The Futures Programme, to help our Sixth Formers to best prepare them for life after school.