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Maths in action

Code cracking morning at Exeter School

Year 5 pupils from primary schools across Devon enjoyed a morning of code cracking at Exeter School.

Sixty 9 and 10-year-olds from St Sidwell’s, Exminster, Hayward's, Ide, Clyst St Mary primary schools joined Exeter Junior School pupils to learn different ways of cracking codes.

Supported by 15 Year 7 pupils from Exeter School, all the children had a great time completing tasks against the clock and learning new skills.

Exeter School Third Former Chiyuan Sun said he enjoyed the experience as he had a chance to meet new people and teach them the art of code cracking.

“The Year 5 pupils where very eager to learn and were patient, even those who already had code cracking experience.

“Watching the younger children complete task after task and become more confident, I felt that I had achieved something important.

“Towards the end, the teachers acted out a message from the Ministry of Defence declaring that the Europe’s safety was on our hands and we needed to crack some codes immediately. Overall, we all had a brilliant morning.”

Exeter School pupil Charlie Dicker said: “We helped the children with anything they got stuck on and we learnt about Semaphore, Morse Code, The Pigpen Cipher and even tried the beginnings of the infamous Enigma Code.

“It ended with an exciting message from the Ministry of Defence and we had to try to crack codes of all sorts. It was a great bonding and learning experience.”