Local illustrator inspires A Level pupils

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Local illustrator inspires A Level pupils

National Careers Week

As part of National Careers Week, the Art Department invited local illustrator and designer, Anna Platts, to visit on Tuesday 5 March. She delivered a presentation to the artists in the Lower Sixth Form about her profession, creative practice and the journey that she has been on in order to get to the stage she is at with her work.

She brought along examples of her pattern-based work to show the pupils and explained the creative processes involved to them. The process always begins with sketch and watercolour work which is then digitally enhanced on Photoshop to create repeated patterns. Her recently produced silk scarves were absolutely stunning and it was really interesting to see the range of work she produces, from scarves to homeware and greetings cards.

The pupils will be following up the visit with contextual research and practical responses in their sketchbooks for their Lower Sixth examination unit.

Teacher of Art, Jessica Rafferty-White, said: “It is always a fantastic opportunity for pupils to meet professional artists and designers. It is helpful for them to appreciate their creative journeys and the associated rewards and challenges.”

Careers Adviser Ruth Cheesman said: “Anna talked about how she transitioned from university and began securing commercial work. This work has been a mixture of working through agencies designing greeting cards, producing printed scarves and wallpaper to being commissioned to design large wall hangings in a client’s home.

“She now sells her at Darts Farm and has begun work with the National Trust. The main take away points included being resilient and focussed, and using social media to promote yourself and develop networks of contacts.”

Anna’s work can be seen online: http://annaplatts.com/