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Launch a career into space

National Careers Week

We welcomed Exonian Chris Larmour (1981-1986) to Exeter School on Wednesday 13 March where he took part in several talks and activities with pupils from across the years, sharing insight and advice on his career since leaving Exeter School and his current role as CEO of Orbex a leading British aerospace company that is developing a small commercial orbital rocket. 

In the morning he joined the Business Studies and Economics classes to talk to pupils about some of the commercial aspects of moving into the space industry. One of the key issues covered with the Business pupils was that of raising finance for new ventures. The pupils were given an insight into the many roles that CEOs have to play in an organisation to bring together the many departments and people operating in a business. The Economics pupils were also given an insight into how the lack of clarity in the Brexit process affects the decisions of businesses wishing to invest – especially those that rely on cross-border collaboration in emerging industries. Furthermore the uncertainty is also affecting the public sector funding which has serious implications for the UK’s scientific and technological leadership in Europe.

Chris also took time to speak with pupils from across the years about the work of Orbex and what it takes to get a rocket in to space from building it, to finding the right investors to finding the right launch sites and why. He covered a variety of areas and demonstrated to pupils the practical applications of science and engineering in the space industry and some of the careers they could consider following themselves.

In the afternoon, Chris came in to talk to the Young Enterprise pupils about their projects. As a former participant in the Programme, Chris understood many of the problems that pupils face in the Young Enterprise Programme – from finding finance to producing and selling products. Chris gave an entertaining insight into the importance of selling techniques to convince customers of the intrinsic value of goods and gave valuable hints about the sales side of the business.