Hogwarts for a night!

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Hogwarts for a night!

Exeter School celebrates Harry Potter night

Friday 8 February saw Exeter School transformed into Hogwarts for the night, with our first ever Harry Potter Night. Twenty-four young witches and wizards from the Third and Fourth Forms spent a magical evening of food, activities and lessons culminating in a sleepover in the Library.

They all enjoyed a Potions lesson complete with fire-breathing dragons and mysterious colour changing potions, a trip to the Leaky Cauldron to make Butterbeer and a banquet in the Great Hall, lit by floating candles. In the Divination classroom, they mapped their futures in tea leaves and spent time decorating wands. Their memories were tested by a short quiz in Professor Dumbledore’s office, where some of them were brave enough to complete the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean Challenge.

Some of them even found the secret Room of Requirement in order to complete a scavenger hunt for the evening. Throughout the evening they were awarded House Points for being brave, kind or clever, and at the end of the night, the House Cup was awarded to Ravenclaw. Then it was off to the dormitory for hot chocolate and a surprise visit by Professor Dumbledore for a bedtime story.

This was the first time girls have ever slept in Exeter School’s former dormitory, the School House Library.

Thank you to all the staff who contributed to the evening’s success. Helpers at the event included the mastermind behind the event, Librarian Mrs Jackson (Professor Umbridge); Headmaster Mr Griffin (Dumbledore); Senior Deputy Head Mr Hughes (Hagrid); Deputy Head Mr Bone (Mad Eye Moody); Library Assistant Mrs Cusick (Professor Trelawney); Head of Daw House and English teacher Mrs Whittall (Madame Rosmerta); Chemistry teacher Miss Morley (Witch); Deputy Head of Dowrich and English teacher Mr Seaton-Burn (Wizard); Biology teacher Miss Booth (Witch); Careers Adviser Mrs Cheesman (Witch) and Reprographics Supervisor Miss Miller (Colin Creevey).

Librarian Mrs Jackson thanked everyone for the significant contribution made before and during the event.

“Thank you to the Senior Management team for enabling the event to happen,” she said.

Mr Cox and the maintenance team devised a complicated pulley system to allow us to have the floating candles rigged up.

“Thank you to Mr Chown for the rather magnificent Nimbus 2000 and a number of other props, including Hedwig and cage, winged keys and the signs for Platform 9 ¾.

“Before the event, Dr Bawn, Miss Allen, Mrs Magee, Mrs Dart, Mrs Fullam, Miss Buchanan, Grace and Rose Sail helped with the transformation from Exeter School to Hogwarts.

“Thank you also to our House Elves, Ettejean Girvin, Rebekah Wajed, Alex Lawrence, Grace Sail and Rose Sail.

“The whole school really came together to make this possible. Lots of people loaned props and there has been so much support and encouragement from staff across the board – this was Exeter School at its best!”