Hockney inspired landscapes for Room 3

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Hockney inspired landscapes for Room 3

Art Club

Inspired by the colourful landscape art of David Hockney, Art Club pupils in Key Stage 3 have spent the past term working on a series of four large scale, collaborative mixed media canvases. The canvases were produced for Room 3, which is used as a quiet, pastoral space, on Lower Corridor.

Pupils began their work by selecting imagery of the rolling hills of Devon and then abstracting these in to simple, flat forms. From here they began to build up the surface of the canvas using materials ranging from scrim, sand, grout and tissue paper. The purpose of this was to create a sense of relief and depth within the paintings. The pupils decided that a pastel colour palette would help to create a sense of calm and therefore set about blocking in soft hues of blues, greens, pinks and lilacs before using a dry brush technique to pick up the texture of the surface.

Teacher of Art, Mrs Rafferty-White, said "We are delighted with the collaborative outcomes from our Art Club pupils. They demonstrated a great sense of team work on this creative endeavour and I am certain that the canvases will enhance the atmosphere in Room 3."

Art Club is open to all pupils in the Third, Fourth and Lower Fifth Forms and will start again in the summer term.