Hands on experience for Upper Sixth Biologists

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Hands on experience for Upper Sixth Biologists

Gene Technology Workshops

A visiting team from Exeter University Medical School ran gene technology workshops with our Upper Sixth Biology groups.

Pupils used restriction endonucleases to digest plasmid DNA and then separated the fragments using gel electrophoresis. The fragments were fluorescently labelled so could be seen using a UV lamp.

Head of Biology Julia Metcalf said: “The Upper Sixth had the opportunity to get hands on experience of the practical techniques they are learning about in the Recombinant DNA Technology section of their A Level syllabus.

“These techniques are one that several pupils will go on to use at university level and beyond.”

Rob Stoyle said it was useful to practise what they have learnt about in class.

Mia Kasperaviciute said it was an enlightening experience. “It was interesting to link the practice to the theory.”

It gave Fred Tear an insight into what life in science is like at university.

Becky Trelawny said: “It was really useful and interesting to see the different equipment and apparatus being used and understand how it worked.”

Tabi Evans thought it interesting to learn how researchers use these different techniques in the real world.

Many thanks to John Chilton and his team from Exeter University Medical School for giving their time to run these activities.