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Lower Sixth Futures Conference

Exeter School welcomed fourteen professionals, including six alumni, to school to work with our Lower Sixth pupils.

The idea behind the Futures Conference is for pupils to speak in a more informal way to three different professionals over the course of the afternoon.

Each guest spoke about their career and then answered questions from pupils.

Careers ranging from creative art, music, law, engineering, computing, marketing, environment, finance, medical management and physiotherapy were included.

Lower Sixth Former Olivia Eden found the afternoon very interesting and especially loved the marketing talk.

“It enabled me to look at future industries in which I wouldn't have considered otherwise and was perfect."

Lower Sixth Former Will Furniss found the Futures Conference incredibly helpful.

"I was able to make a more informed decision about my future thanks to it. It was great to be able to talk to professionals in such detail, and to get a better understanding of their field."

Careers Adviser Mrs Cheesman said it was an enjoyable afternoon where our pupils can meet and talk with people working in different key career areas.

“There is no better way to develop career ideas then meeting with our business community,” she said.

“Opportunities such as these are an invaluable part in helping pupils undertake career research. Career research is essential in building ideas and direction for future careers. The Lower Sixth Futures Conference is just one part of these building blocks at Exeter School.”

Thanks to all fourteen professionals for their time last Friday afternoon. Alumni Katharine Lowrie (1994 – 1996), Kris Sum (1994 – 2000), Simon Lewis (1987 – 1997), Chris Dyson (1992 – 1998), Mark Wells (1979 – 1985) and John Billett (1950 – 1960) returned to school to talk ecology, computing, law, engineering and finance.

We are also grateful to local professionals: Jim Gilbert (Medicine), Rob Handley (Physiotherapy), Jonathan Ling (Surveying), Ben Lintel (Art/Creative Arts), Richard Marsh (Environmental), Dana Mulligan (Marketing), Charlie Nielson (Environmental) and Charlie Shwenn (Law) for their expertise and advice.