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From 7 to 18

Second informal piano concert

The second informal piano concert of the academic year took place on Wednesday 6 February, with around 20 pianists ranging in age from Form One to Upper Sixth.

In a varied programme, the audience was treated to pieces from many eras and styles, including a Baroque work by Bach, a classical piece by Mozart, Schumann from the Romantic era and then on to ragtime by Joplin. Moving into the 20th century, there was a blues piece by Iles, the John Lennon favourite Imagine and My Heart will Go On from the film Titanic.

With many parents, siblings, friends and piano teachers in attendance, the pupils were well-supported in their performances and will undoubtedly have gained confidence by playing in the Music Hall on the Steinway in front of a friendly crowd.

The next concert in our series will be the second of the informal string concerts on Wednesday 6 March, whilst an additional informal concert has been arranged for Wednesday 20 March specifically for our many harpists.

The recording and programme are on the intranet.