Fourth Form self-portraits inspired by The Witches

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Fourth Form self-portraits inspired by The Witches

Lower School production

In the autumn term, pupils in the Fourth Form studied Quentin Blake’s illustrative style in their Art lessons. They then had fun posing with a variety of props to disguise themselves like the witches in Roald Dahl’s famous story.

The photographs that were taken informed watercolour and ink self-portraits, where the pupils tried to adopt Blake’s fluid and quirky illustrative style. Pupils also incorporated key quotations from the narrative and considered carefully how text and image could work together. Some of the outcomes will be on display in the Dining Hall during the Lower School production of The Witches.

Head of Art, Alison Escott, said “The pupils really enjoyed disguising themselves with the different props and accessories and their final outcomes have really captured the spirit of the story. We hope the audience will enjoy seeing the work in the flesh.”