Eight awards for Exeter School

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Eight awards for Exeter School

Queen’s Taunton annual MUN Conference

Eleven pupils from Middle and Upper Fifth attended the Queen’s Taunton annual MUN Conference, representing USA, Iran and Iceland, last weekend.

The pressing issues under consideration were diverse ranging from the situation in North Korea, freedom of the internet, the Rohingya crisis, to biological warfare and plastics in the oceans.

Exeter School pupils were delighted to receive several awards over the weekend.

“The USA delegation (Huw Bagwell, Eddie Mayall, William Wood, Oliver Irons, Finlay Scott) was one of the strongest delegations present winning the Highly Commended Delegation Award. The Iceland Delegation (Harry Cornford, Barnaby O’Brien, Toby Grier, Mark Pugh) consisting of many of our younger delegates won a Commended Delegation Award.

Toby Grier won Commended Delegate Award for representing Iceland in the Political Committee. Barnaby O’Brien won Commended Delegate Award for representing Iceland in the DISEC committee.

Eddie Mayall won Commended Delegate Award for representing USA in the Human Rights Committee. Mark Pugh won Highly Commended Delegate Award for representing Iceland in the ECOSOC committee. Oliver Irons won Highly Commended Delegate Award for representing USA in the Political committee.

Special congratulations to Finlay Scott who was recognised as the Best Delegate in his committee, ECOSOC in which he represented the USA.

Finlay said: "It is always a great moment when you win an award but it feels especially good when you have spent time and effort over a day to win this award. 

"This weekend I am going on the MUN residential to Haileybury and winning the award has really raised my confidence.

"I do it because I enjoy politics and current affairs but also the arguments and quarrelling that goes with MUN. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys politics or current affairs.

"I think the most important thing when taking part in MUN is that you speak, if you don’t build up your confidence then you won’t enjoy it or enjoy public speaking."

Model United Nations is a simulation of the real United Nations in which delegates come together to find solutions to global issues. Participation in an MUN conference involves researching the issues at hand, preparing resolutions on those issues, lobbying and negotiating with fellow delegates to form consensus and alliances, before debating those resolutions.

All this is done from an assigned country’s point of view and national interest. MUN has been a rewarding and enriching experience for many Exeter School pupils. It provides an ideal environment to develop skills and confidence not just in debate and public speaking but in meeting new people, collaboration and raising awareness of current global issues in areas as diverse as conflict resolution, cyber warfare, human rights, the environment and food security.