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Design technology brought to life

Automotive factories trip

The annual Middle Fifth Design and Technology Trip to automotive factories in the Midlands took place this week. Accompanied by Mr Rose, Mr Lowles and Miss Lewis, pupils travelled up to Droitwich on Sunday 24 March for indoor karting, won by Woody Powderley-Turner, with fastest lap to Finlay Tabor with fastest lap of 23.2 seconds.

On Monday, the group split and toured either Jaguar or Land Rover in Birmingham depending upon their preference, to view the huge sites and investment in production. The automation captivated many, and the pupils received expert tours by retired members of the workforce who had seen decades of evolution as the companies implemented new technologies. The Jaguar pupils watched the F Type and XJS being built. While at Land Rover the Range Rover production line was observed.

“It was interesting and satisfying to watch,” said Holly Blair-Kitchener.

The morning tour contrasted starkly with that of the afternoon spent at Malvern with Morgan Cars observing traditional skills from another era to handcraft ash frames for bodies, then panel in aluminium. In addition, pupils observed chassis growing to the rolling stage, the trim and paint shops.

“It is interesting how heritage and tradition are passed down in different generations of car designs,” said Henry Wheatley.