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Biology brought to life

Digestion Dome

The Digestion Dome returned to Exeter School in January. The inflatable dome filled the Butterfield Hall, into which each class of Fourth Form ventured to hear fantastic facts about food and the digestive system.

Pupils listened to some disgusting descriptions of the digestion process whilst watching images of the organs projected on the ceiling of the dome.

There were hands-on demonstrations assisted by our brave Fourth Form volunteers, which brought to life the functions of the various organs involved.

Charlie Palmer said he enjoyed it as they involved the pupils.

“They kept our attention, making it a successful experience,” he said.

During the lunch hour, Lower Sixth Biologists were also invited into the dome but, this time, to learn about cells and their potential uses. They had the opportunity to revisit cellular ultrastructure from their theory lessons and they explored the ethical issues of using and manipulating cells in techniques of genetic engineering and cloning.