Author discusses conservation with the Junior School

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Author discusses conservation with the Junior School

Tuamor the Turtle

Exeter Junior School welcomed author Jo Earlam who talked to Upper One pupils as part of their Geography and Art learning on the topic: ‘Why are sea turtles endangered and what can be done to protect them?”

Jo gave a very informative talk about plastic pollution and sea turtles, explaining how plastic and rubbish can end up in the oceans and the harm it can cause to sea creatures.

Tilly Haw said she now knows how important it is to reuse and recycle plastic.

“I learnt how long it takes for different types of plastic to break down.”

Many were surprised to learn that a disposable nappy takes around 500 years to break down and a plastic bottle could take as long as 1000 years to break down!

Evie Handley said: “I learnt the seven different species of sea turtles and that they can mistake jellyfish for plastic bags. I found the talk really interesting.”

Jo explained some of the differences between the species of sea turtles, the largest being the ‘Leatherback’ turtle, which can grow up to two metres long.

Junior School Geography Coordinator, Miss Robinson, said: "Jo also spent time talking about her book, ‘Tuamor the Turtle’ which we have just finished reading during our Geography lessons.

"The children were very interested to learn how the book was put together: from the initial idea, to the title and the illustrations.

"Jo has most definitely inspired us as well as providing us with many different talking points to discuss within our future Geography lessons."