Week commencing 4 March 2019

Week commencing 4 March 2019


Tuesday 5 March
U10 & U11 Girls & Boys: IAPS Qualifying Event

"Sixteen U10 and U11 Junior School Swimmers travelled to Hazelegrove in Somerset for the IAPS swimming competition," said Miss Wright. "Although the event only focuses on times, at the event Exeter had a number of wins throughout the afternoon.

"Exeter swam against Stroud School, Sherbourne Preparatory School, Hazelgrove and St Hugh's, Oxfordshire. Notable team performances during the gala came from the U10 boys medley relay, U11 girls medley relay, U10 girls freestyle relay and U11 boys and girls freestyle relay who all won their races. Individually, Hanna Sari, Emily Bishop, George Gillingham, Yasmin Brown, Sam Benzimra, Gus Lovell, Tess Hughes and Rosie Batchelor all won their events.

"Although Exeter had several wins, which was outstanding to watch, it must be noted that for pupils to progress to the national finals at the Olympic Park in London in June, swimmers have to achieve times that are in the top 16 in the whole country. We will find out the results in April.

"Thank you must also go to Dr Robb, Master in Charge of Swimming in the Senior School, who accompanied the team to the event."


Wednesday 6 March

U11A v Maynard - won 6 - 1

"The girls were excited ahead of their triangular v Maynard and Millfield," said Miss Wright.

"Our first game was against Maynard and the team started off strongly. Megan Roberts worked hard in the centre to transfer the ball up the court to our attacking D, resulting in Yasmin Brown and Charlotte Greenwood working exceptionally well together, creating and scoring some brilliant goals. Grace Lister was determined as ever at WD to make sure Maynard saw as little of the ball as possible. Overall, a really nice game was played in a lovely atmosphere."

U11A v Millfield - lost 3 - 6

"Having watched Millfield play Maynard, we recognised that it was going to be a tough game," said Miss Wright.

"Milly Traylor worked tirelessly as GK to keep the ball out of Exeter’s defensive D, but Millfield capitalised on every chance they created. Emma Barton and Tess Hughes at times linked play up the court seamlessly to our attacking players who took some risks to try and gain the edge. At times, Exeter panicked and rushed passes; however, Rosie Batchelor as GD intercepted high, 50/50 balls impressively and was voted player of the match.

"Overall, a great afternoon of netball and I know the girls really enjoyed it - well done!"

U11B v Maynard B - win 4 - 0

"The U11B team first took to the court to play Maynard’s U11B team," said Miss Trimming.

"The girls worked brilliantly as a team, moving the ball quickly through the court and giving the shooters plenty of scoring opportunities. Quick passing and impressive movement from all the girls made it difficult for the opposition to gain many shooting opportunities, with many interceptions being picked off in the defensive D.

"Player of the match went to Maria Turnbull Pomares for some excellent work through the mid court, aiding to get the ball into the attacking D with speed and efficiency."

U11C v Maynard U11B – lost 1 - 5

The U11C team took to the netball court to play a hard fought match against Maynard’s U11B team," said Miss Trimming.

"The girls played well against a well drilled team, taking some particularly impressive interception in defence. Space in the mid court was hard to find but the girls persevered to move the ball down to the attacking D and gave the shooters some decent shooting opportunities. 

"A special mention must go to player of the match, Eva Levell, who worked hard in defence to gain some excellent interceptions in the D."

U11B v Millfield U11B – drew 4 - 4

"The U11B team were put to the test against Millfield who proved to be a well-trained, tough opposition," said Miss Trimming.

"The match was played at a thrilling, fast pace and saw Millfield pull away to a 2-0 lead at half time. The second half saw the girls manage to steady the pace of the game, gaining some brilliant interceptions in the mid court and forcing the opposition into more errors. They managed to pull back a 4-1 deficit and the game ended in a well-deserved 4-4 draw.

"Maria Turnbull Pomares was again chosen as player of the match and a special mention must go to Noor Shariff and Freya Kotting for some excellent shooting displays under pressure."

U11C v Millfield Prep - won 6 - 1

"All the girls enjoyed an excellent game of netball on Wednesday against Millfield," said Miss Robinson.

"There were some lovely sequences of play with superb passing across the court, allowing some fantastic goals to be scored. Eva Lovell played brilliantly as Goal Keeper and intercepted the ball on several occasions, stopping the opposition from scoring.

"Ella Fowler made some excellent decisions on the court and helped the game flow, by using the space well to receive the ball. A very well deserved ‘player of the match’ was awarded to Phoebe who played Goal Attack."

Thursday 7 March

U9A v Blundell’s Prep - lost 1 - 11

"On Thursday afternoon the U9A team travelled to Blundell's for a very competitive netball match," said Miss Wright.

"Blundell's started very fast and direct; however, Exeter were able to hold them to 3-0 in the first quarter. After a rotation of players the girls were raring to go for the second quarter. Some very strong defence during the game came from Grace Goldsworthy, Imogen Cann and player of the match Henni Lutke-Schipholt.

"Exeter really showed what they are made of in the last quarter of the game, finishing 1-1. I would like to praise all of the team for never giving up and always trying their hardest all the way through the match. This showed a lot of resillaince, strength and determination from the girls and I am very proud of them. Well done!"

U8 v Blundell’s Prep - lost 0 - 9

"Twelve very excited Form One girls travelled to Blundell's, some for their first netball match," said Mrs Handley.

"We faced strong opposition from the outset and the girls quickly realised their defensive skills were going to be needed. Each quarter saw a new rotation of the team, enabling all girls to have a turn and they adapted well to their different positions.

"Some fantastic interceptions from Isla Gray stopped the Blundell's attack for a while and Isla also was deservedly chosen as player of the match.

"Lottie Cumbley played well and quickly picked up the ball when needed; shining brightly on her birthday!

"Isabelle Johnson captained her team well and proved herself to be a versatile player in both attack and defence.

"The Blundell's team proved too strong for our girls, ending in a 9-0 defeat for Exeter, but all of the girls enjoyed, and learnt a lot from, the experience.

"All Form One girls have now played in a match and their skills are developing all the time. Well done."

Boys’ Hockey

Wednesday 6 March

U10A v Wellington School - drew 2 – 2 (William Maynard, Josh Paget)

Mr Bland said a purposeful and direct approach saw the boys dominate much of the first half.

"Some slick passing saw Jacob Hardy provide a great assist to enable William Maynard to put us one up. Josh Paget was non-stop in providing support in both attack and defence and well deserved to get a second.

"The second half was rather more frenetic, with some loss of shape and possession given back rather too easily. The tide suddenly changed and Wellington managed to pull two goals back to provide a tense last five minutes to the game. Fortunately, the boys then buckled down again to see out time. Overall, a fair result and well done to the boys for supporting each other so well and regrouping when things got tough."

U10B v Wellington School - won 6 - 0 (Rufus Lovell 4, Eddie Leaver, Samuel Morgan)

"Our start was impeccable, with the team holding good structure and managing two early goals from Rufus Lovell," said Miss Johannson.

"A strong defence, led capably by Otis Challen, Harry Hubble and others, meant Wellington struggled to get the ball into the circle, but on achieving this, captain and goalie Alexander Ludman had some cracking saves.

"Samuel Morgan kept his width, allowing some beautiful transfers, resulting in Eddie Leaver scoring. Cameron McDowell showed some lovely skills and assisting goals from Samuel Morgan and Rufus Lovell. The superb 6-0 score was very well deserved, with some promising hockey being played all round."

Thursday 7 March
U9A v Blundell’s Prep - lost 0 - 3

"The U9A team made a positive start to the game against Blundell’s, holding a strong position on the field of play with Reuben Tucker coordinating things from the middle of the pitch," said Mr Jones.

"Yi-Ren Wong and Joseph Lomas worked hard to build possession at the back helping Exeter to create a few opening chances, however, the team was caught napping on the break to finish the first period 1-0 down.

"Some superb goalkeeping from Oliver Lister kept things even for much of the match with Exeter pushing hard for an equaliser - Theo Lawrence saw his effort go narrowly wide after being fed through by Lochie Hughes. Zac Dunstan covered huge amounts of distance pursuing the Blundell’s midfield three but could not contain their prolific forward as Exeter School finished the game 3-0 down."

U9B v Blundell’s Prep - lost 2 – 7 (Nathan Masters, Matthew Cooper)

U8 v Blundell’s Prep - lost 2 – 5 (Huw Phillips 2)

"It was a pleasure to coach the U8 boys in their first competitive hockey match for the school," said Mr Mason.

"The boys showed great enthusiasm and gave a good account of themselves. For much of the game it was very much a case of ‘jam pot’ hockey, but things did open out a bit more , as the game progressed, and more quality was seen.

"James Warhurst deserves a special mention for a determined performance in school, Ted Brough showed some good awareness and Huw Phillips showed plenty of drive in the attacking third. The main thing that all the boys learned was the importance of ‘getting one’s head up’ before deciding whether to travel with the ball or to pass it."