Week commencing 11 February 2019

Week commencing 11 February 2019


Wednesday 13 February

U11A v Plymouth College Prep - won 5 – 1 (Rupert Murray (3), Alex Vosper (1), Wilfred Venn (1))

"I am pleased to report that the team played in a composed and determined fashion to overcome a stubborn opponent that was in possession of a fantastic goalkeeper – the winning margin could have been considerably greater had it not been for that boy’s outstanding athleticism!" said Mr Wood.

"Special mention must go to Rupert Murray for a skilfully taken hat-trick, Jack Wills for providing the forward momentum for most of the good moves from mid-field, and Alex Vosper for fearlessly snuffing out the majority of Plymouth’s attacks.

"Throughout the team, though, there wasn’t a single ‘passenger,’ as all the boys worked tirelessly to play attractive pass-and-move football and track back to cover gaps in defence. The team will now work hard with Mr Ashman to ensure they get goal-side of their opponents when defending corners, and make sure they don’t occasionally drift out of position to let in the other team’s strikers on the break.

"Well done to the players for providing great entertainment to the supporters from both camps."

U11B v Plymouth College Prep - won 7 - 1

"A controlling display from the Exeter B team saw them dominate the majority of the game against Plymouth," said Mr Buckingham.

"An early Alex Wreford hat-trick put us in an ideal position for the remainder of the match. A first goal for Benji Cooling then made it 4-0, by which point the boys were well and truly home and hosed.

"In the second third of the game Plymouth managed to scramble home a consolation goal but further goals from Thomas Lambert and Gus Lovell soon ended any hope of a Plymouth comeback. Rory Clarke then entered the game playing in a midfield role and probably could have scored a hat-trick, hitting the post and having a tremendous effort from the halfway line cleared. He did however get a well-deserved goal towards the end of the game.

"Overall, the B team put on a dominant display and it was great to watch the boys play with a bit more freedom especially when they were a couple of goals in front!"


Wednesday 13 February

U11A v Plymouth U11A - won 5 - 2

U11A v Blundell’s U11A - lost 3 - 5

"It was a beautiful afternoon as Exeter Junior School hosted our first triangular netball match of the season," said Miss Wright.

"The sun shone brightly providing excellent conditions for some very exciting netball games.

"The U11A team played Plymouth in their first game and started off strongly, scoring the first goal of the match. The team worked hard, and rotated positions throughout the game, concentrating on possession of the ball. At times, Exeter rushed and forced passes; however, in the second half was asked to take more control over the game and dictate the pace of play.

"Some excellent interceptions came from Rosie Batchelor at GD and indeed Grace Lister at WD and WA, who eventually won player of the match. Charlotte Greenwood was able to show off her movement in the D and shooting skills throughout, which significantly contributed to the 5-2 win.

"After a short break, Exeter then played Blundell’s in a thrilling and exciting hard fought game! Fantastic work rates were displayed from Megan Roberts and Emma Barton and they were able to transfer the ball from defensive lines to our attacking D.

"Once again Exeter rushed their passes and at half time, with the score being 2-1 to Blundell’s, the team was asked to just take a moment to calm down. As always, Yasmin Brown worked relentlessly hard on winning the centre passes and getting the ball in the attacking D, and indeed in the goal!

"After a number of goals came from both schools, the final score was 4-3 to Blundell’s. Unfortunately, a turnover ball went in Blundell’s favour and they were able to convert making the final score 5-3. Milly Traylor was exceptional at GK and was voted player of the match.

"It was a brilliant afternoon of netball with a great atmosphere and air of excitement. Well done to all involved."

U11B v Blundell’s U11B - won 3 - 0

"The U11B team played Blundell's on a very sunny Wednesday afternoon," said Miss McIlwrath.

"The weather provided excellent conditions for some lovely netball. Exeter got off to a strong start, taking the lead in the first half. They displayed some excellent movements and passes into our attacking D. At times, Exeter were very static, hiding behind defending players.

"However, the team stormed into the second half, with some superb drives to the ball from Esme Hobbs and Tess Hughes in the centre third, who then fed the ball into our D. Phoebe and Lydia McLeod worked fantastically well together at GS and GA, demonstrating excellent footwork and shooting skills, which significantly contributed to the 3-0 win."

U11C v Plymouth U11B - drew 1 - 1

"The U11C team played an exciting and very competitive game against Plymouth on Wednesday afternoon," said Miss McIlwrath.

"The beautiful weather made the afternoon even more enjoyable for all. The team worked well and made some excellent interceptions during the first half. At times, Exeter rushed their play; however, in the second half we began to dictate the pace of the game.

"Yasmin Tucker deservedly won player of the match, as she showed resilience throughout the match, making some outstanding drives for the ball, creating much needed space. Noor Shariff and Eva Levell worked exceptionally well together at GK and GD as they consistently won the ball for Exeter and fed it to our attack. The defensive skills shown by both side meant the game ended with a tight score of 1-1."

Thanks to the girls for the lovely action shots!