True Mindfulness Ambassadors

True Mindfulness Ambassadors

Exeter Junior School

Our Paws B Mindfulness Programme ( continues to spread and embed in Exeter Junior School, with our pupils embracing and noticing its positive impacts on many aspects of their lives both in and outside school and across a range of activities.

Upper One pupils are now learning about their ‘puppy minds’ and how they can train their minds to train their brains, whilst Lower Two R have been reflecting on what ‘makes them feel wobbly’ and learning practices to help them find a steady place.

Meanwhile, our Upper Two Mindfulness Monitors for this half term, who proudly received their new badges in assembly this week, are running mindfulness practices for classes around the Junior School, during morning and afternoon form times. Our new group of monitors will take over after half term. Over 20 Upper Two pupils have volunteered to share their mindfulness toolkit and techniques with pupils and teachers across the school.

In addition, a ‘Mindful Minutes’ drop-in session is offered after school every Tuesday for any pupils who wish to come and just ‘Paws’ and be in the moment

Six of our Mindfulness Monitors walked down to the Pearson Education Centre, Exeter Cathedral to attend an event run by the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) and also share their experiences as well as running a short ‘finger breathing’ practice for teachers and other individuals interested in following the MiSP programme. Ben Chalwin, Manager of the Development Team, Exeter MiSP thanked them for coming along and for their input. He said they were stars and spoke so eloquently.

Minti Gorne (U2W) said it was interesting seeing what adults thought of mindfulness, hearing about it from a different perspective.

“I was nervous about doing the practice but it was really fun!”

Dulcie Mason (U2G) added that whilst it was a bit nerve-wracking, it was very enjoyable.

Then on Thursday 24 January, three of our Mindfulness Monitors, Megan Roberts, Lucy Netherton and Tom Bryne from Upper Two, volunteered to share their own thoughts at the parent talk on mindfulness, sharing how it has already made a significant difference to their lives.

The pupils also ran a ‘torch light of attention’ practice for parents and asked them to share what they had noticed during the practice.

Tom Bryne (U2W) said that he felt really good about talking to parents about mindfulness and teaching them something that could help them in their lives.

After the practice, parents said that they really noticed that it made them feel calm and gave them time to ‘just be’.

Parents unable to attend the talk can find a summary on the intranet.