The Junior School tackle the Scottish play

The Junior School tackle the Scottish play

Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy

After many weeks rehearsing in after-school Drama Club and an intensive Saturday workshop, Lower Two and Upper Two Drama Club took on Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy “Macbeth”.

During the rehearsal process, the children were told the outline of the story, they then worked on little scenes, improvising and using play to draw out characters and experiment with style. As a result, we had an unusual portrayal of the witches as little girls in white and the cast created the set, including castle and drawbridge.

“I am immensely proud of the children, they really were exceptional. They display maturity and enormous self-control and interpreted the play with great clarity,” said English and Drama Coordinator Mrs Pettet.

Emilia Biggers from Lower Two R and a first timer to Drama Club said: “I really enjoyed taking part but my favourite part was being a soldier and marching with my piece of Birnam Wood.”

“My thanks to all the children, the teachers and parents for their support,” said Mrs Pettet.

A video can be viewed on the intranet.