Learning to love laptops in lessons

Learning to love laptops in lessons

Exeter Junior School

Junior School pupils have been delighted by the introduction of laptops to their lessons. Now pupils can have instant access to the web to further research the topics they are studying in all of their lessons without relocating to our computer suite.

In Art lessons, pupils completed collaborative class slideshows using Google Classroom to demonstrate their learning through the glass workshops delivered by Mrs Keay for the National Gallery Take One Picture project.

In Maths lessons, the laptops have meant that pupils can go on interactive activities including Mathletics and ActiveLearn in their Maths classroom alongside their other learning.

In DT lessons, laptops have been ideal for working with Crumble controllers, Makey Makeys and Lego robots, where the classroom environment has allowed pupils to carry out programming activities whilst designing and making their projects alongside them without being restricted to a PC.

In English lessons, pupils have enjoyed writing their poems directly on to a computer, using the editing tools available to improve the quality of their content. Our Digital Leaders have taken control of the delivery of laptops to teachers in time for lessons.

As technology becomes a greater part of the world around us, it is important that our pupils can adapt to the different devices that they encounter. We are excited that the laptops can help to develop our pupils’ existing skills and enhance their learning experiences.