Fabulous fractions

Fabulous fractions

Annual Christmaths challenge

Pupils were invited to take part in the annual Christmaths challenge to create fabulous Christmas fractions to delight and amaze their friends, parents and staff before the end of term.

Maths coordinator Ms Barnes invited Mrs Cartwright, Head of Mathematics in the Senior School and judge of this year’s Christmaths Competition, to award certificates and prizes to the winners from each year group in our final assembly, Friday 21 December.

Mrs Cartwright said that she had the enjoyable task of judging the Junior School’s annual Christmaths competition every year and that this year she felt that all the entries were very impressive, making it very difficult to judge!

“As you all know, the topic this year was fractions and it was amazing to see the varied ways that you came up with of thinking about and displaying fractions, from fractions in real life, to fractions as part of games, to fraction advent calendars… the list goes on!” she said.

She was particularly pleased with the way that pupils had worked independently outside of the classroom to produce creative ways of demonstrating their understanding of the topic and, in doing so, they will have cemented and deepened their understanding of fractions, which is excellent!

Well done to everyone who took part.