Discovering Ancient Egypt

Discovering Ancient Egypt

Form One dive into history

A glittering sight met our eyes on Wednesday 23 January as our ‘Ancient Egyptians’ (Form One) embarked on their history day. They wore a fantastic array of costumes, from Pharaohs to Egyptian cats and even budding archaeologists.

They spent their morning learning about Ancient Egypt through the wonderful story telling and drama activities led by Mr Manning, in his role of Howard Carter. They also participated in a mini-mystery murder: Who killed Tutankhamun?

Ted Brough really enjoyed the mini-murder mystery and deciding who was the main culprit. Malachy Smart learnt lots of new facts and Mollie Jenner enjoyed learning through the stories.

Throughout the afternoon, our mini Ancient Egyptians participated in a themed dance workshop led by Miss Lunn. They developed some impressive routines and had a lot of fun at the same time.

Lottie Cumbley particularly enjoyed the rhythm element of the routine. Jack Kenefick enjoyed creating his own part of the dance and India Ferguson really liked the spinning! This ended with a little group performance, which Issy Wills really enjoyed.

Finally, the children created their own amulets and cartouches, displaying their name in hieroglyphics. The results were stunning!

Form One teacher Mrs Handley said the children gained much information about the discovery of Tutankhamun and many more Ancient Egyptian facts and stories.

“This will link into further history lessons where the children will write a diary extract from the view point of Howard Carter.”

“We all thoroughly enjoyed the day, and would like to thank you all for your efforts with the children’s magnificent costumes.”