Art Monitors inspired by watercolour artist

Art Monitors inspired by watercolour artist

Rachel Toll

Exeter Junior School’s Art Monitors had a fantastic opportunity to work alongside Rachel Toll, a local watercolour artist.

Rachel kindly agreed to visit our school after one of our pupils shared the lovely work she had previously completed in a workshop with Rachel.

Rachel explained about the different paints and brushes she uses, and then demonstrated a piece of work for the children to have a go at. They loved applying the different colours and watching their beautiful work evolve.

Whilst they were waiting for the paint to dry, Rachel then demonstrated how versatile watercolours can be by showing the group some of her beautiful wildlife work. The results were simply stunning.

If you are interested in seeing more of Rachel’s work, then please see her website:

We are extremely grateful for Rachel’s time and expertise and have all come away completely inspired!