New format for MUN Conference

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New format for MUN Conference

Exeter School hosts conference

100 pupils from nine schools representing 26 countries gathered for Exeter School’s annual Model United Nations Conference on Saturday 3 February.

Debate, negotiation and deliberation were the order of the day as delegates grappled with many of the issues facing the planet today including child poverty, green house emissions, fair trade and water scarcity.

In the afternoon delegates tackled an unfolding crisis in Ethiopia, where a rebel faction had declared independence in part of the country. This debate required all delegates to act on the spot to come up with a resolution, seek consensus and win support to bring about a peaceful end to the crisis. The crisis was dealt with in both the General Assembly and the Security Council with interactions between the two forums. To the best of our knowledge the format of this crisis was a first for any conference in the UK for its interactive and dynamic nature.

The conference was lead entirely by Exeter School’s outstanding team of Chairs, Secretariat and Technical Assistants, lead by the expert guidance of Upper Sixth Former Zachary March, our Secretary General. The environment committee was Chaired by Lower Sixth Former Yasmin Western and Upper Sixth Formers Ben Cain and Will Silver.

Ecopol was chaired by Upper Sixth Formers Severin Baker and Zachary Marsh and Lower Sixth Former Tegan Murphy. SOCHUM was Chaired by Upper Sixth Formers Meredith Marsh and Harriet Milner and Lower Sixth Former Alex Solomides.

Security Council was chaired by Lower Sixth Former Daniel Wilcock, Upper Sixth Former Ed Natusch and Lower Sixth Former Cosmo Coish. All deserve commendation for their professionalism on the day which was noted by all schools who attended.

Thanks to Miss McCluskey our MUN coordinator for supporting the pupils to put on such a successful event and Dr Wilson, Mrs Wilson and Mr Fryer whose assistance on the day was most appreciated. MUN is open to all in Lower Fifth and above. Anyone interested can see Miss McCluskey or come along to our Monday lunchtime sessions.