Exeter School pupils benefit from experience

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Exeter School pupils benefit from experience

National Careers Week

Pupils aged 15 – 18 years of age enjoyed a variety of talks with experts in Economics and Business, Psychology, Languages, and Film and TV as part of National Careers Week.

Ben Conway, from Hawksmoor Investment, spent time with Economics and Business A Level pupils on Monday 5 March. He spoke to the Upper Sixth pupils about his own career path which has led him to London, Japan, Australia and then to Devon as well as giving advice to pupils on how they can prepare themselves for getting the best job they can.

Head of Economics Stuart Mackintosh said he spoke of the various options that are open to young people wishing to enter the City; from Fund Managers to Market Analysts.

Ben gave an insight into the skills and attributes that are required to work in the high pressured but well rewarded jobs,” he said.

Psychologist Frances Martin, a Counselling Psychologist working for the NHS, chatted with pupils from the Middle Fifth to Upper Sixth, about her career journey from Psychology student to her current role. She shared extremely useful insights into her current job and the complexities surrounding it.

Psychology teacher Claire Goody said it was really helpful for those thinking about taking Psychology A Level and degrees to hear about a number of different career paths.

Frances also explained the process of accreditation and training needed to become a clinical or counselling psychologist and how this is distinct from medical psychiatry,” she said.

“Having a practicing psychologist visiting the department provided a really useful insight into how the Psychology taught can be put into practice in the workplace.”

Exeter School alumna Lucy James (née Caunter) spent time talking about languages to pupils in the Middle Fifth. She explained how her love of languages developed while studying French and Spanish for A Level took her to France and South America in her gap year before she embarked on her degree course in Modern Languages at King’s College London.

She explained how a Modern Languages degree at university is quite different to A Levels, and her course included Politics, Anthropology, and History of Art. Lucy showed how valuable her year abroad had been, spent in Aix-en-Provence and Peru.

Upper Fifth Former Lily Alford said it was really interesting to hear a girl’s perspective on travelling abroad, alone, as she is hoping to take a gap year.

“She was also very helpful when she talked about studying languages at University which has helped me narrow down my ideas.”

2014 leaver Owain Astles spent time with pupils from the Middle Fifth and Upper Fifth Drama sets. Owain showed some clips of films he had worked on and a recent documentary venture that his film company has made on the topic of homelessness in Bristol. He discussed different routes into the industry and some advice for going about applications and making contacts in the future.

Upper Fifth Former Francesca Vercoe said Owain’s talk really made us think about the variety of careers available in acting, filming and directorial roles.

“I found it very inspiring and am keen to apply for a placement with his company 'Pastles Productions' for work experience in the summer,” she said.

A pop up careers hub on the piazza attracted lots of pupils from the Third, Fourth and Lower Fifth Forms, eager to fill out the quiz and win a prize. Pupils from Third Form upwards had several careers form time sessions looking at topics from careers of the future, automation of the car industry, career planning and what career families are and why they are useful to know about. Pupils also received daily quick-read career focused emails to get them thinking about this topic.