Buddies bonding

Buddies bonding

Exeter Junior School pastoral care

In Exeter Junior School, every new pupil is allocated a ‘buddy’ who is responsible for taking care of the new member of the school community. This outcome is twofold; existing pupils grow in confidence as they take on personal responsibility and new pupils build relationships with senior members of the school.

In the case of Year 3 pupils (Form One), a buddy is allocated to them from Year 6 (Upper Two). Some Year 4 (Upper One) new pupils have also been given a buddy to look out for them.

Upper Two Form Tutor and Co-ordinator of PSHE Paula Goldsworthy said Upper Two pupils were enjoying their new buddy responsibilities this year.

“They remember what it was like to be new to the school and love helping the younger children and encouraging them as they start their new school,” she said.

“It is always a special time when the new children meet their buddies for the first time in House meetings. They immediately seem to bond and chat away, sharing thoughts and fun.

“Buddies enjoy lunch together which happens several times a term, and then play together afterwards. This enables the children to get to know each other better.

“It has been wonderful to see how Form One have developed their relationships with their buddies. Experience has shown us that this special relationship often carries on into Senior School as past buddies connect again with each other.

Alongside form tutors who are primarily responsible for pastoral care in the Junior School, Mrs Amanda Buckingham, Pastoral Assistant, is a regular point of contact for pupils’ welfare at play times and during the day, assisted by Gap Year Student, Richard Mitchell.