School archive inspires pupils

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School archive inspires pupils


Pupils studying GCSE Art in the Middle Fifth Form visited the school archive in the Exonian Centre and met the school’s archivist, Mr Kevin White. The pupils were given the opportunity to see the large collection of school memorabilia on display, from uniforms, to military badges, to photographs of previous headmasters.

The pupils undertook observational studies of some of the artefacts as part of their GCSE coursework project on the theme of ‘Collections’. They were particularly fascinated by the tales of the alumni and Mr White’s accounts of school life.

Teacher of Art, Mrs Jessica Rafferty-White, said: “We are very grateful to Mr White for meeting with the pupils and giving them an insight into such a wonderful resource at the school. The pupils were captivated by his knowledge of the school’s history and his accounts will help to underpin the practical work, which they will undertake in subsequent lessons.”