First Pixies Holt residential of the year

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First Pixies Holt residential of the year

Form 3A

On the first weekend of the Autumn term, the pupils in 3A went on the two-night residential trip to Pixies Holt on Dartmoor.

The pupils enjoyed activities such as climbing and weaselling, as well as two walks across the moor where they got to know the rest of the class better.

The evenings were filled with team building games, including probably the finest newspaper-based fashion parade that occurred in Devon last weekend.

Form Tutor Dr Robb said: “Many thanks to the pupils of 3A for taking on the challenge of the weekend in an energetic manner and to all staff who helped over the weekend, namely Mrs Sail, Mrs Sheehan, Revd Tom, Mrs Fairweather, Mrs Masters, Mr Hughes and Mr Griffin.”