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First in a series

Informal vocal concert

The first of our series of informal concerts took place in the Music Hall on Wednesday. A selection of our talented singers got the concert season off to a splendid start in an intimate and very enjoyable event.

As ever, the selection of music was diverse, ranging from the early 17th century favourite The Silver Swan, performed with sensitivity and feeling by Grace Sail, through to the upbeat 70s Fleetwood Mac classic You Make Loving Fun, which Upper Two pupil Martha Herniman delivered with great style and a suitable sense of fun.

Brother and sister duo Matty and Amelia Johnson delighted the audience with the traditional song The Water is Wide. The blend of their voices was such that they sounded as one, with some lovely articulation and attention to dynamics. The Keay family were also well-represented with both Xari and Aurora singing. They share voices which are developing a pleasing rich tone and mature sound, both giving confident and accomplished performances.

Two especially moving performances came from Upper Fifth pupil Grace Wildbore and Lower Fifth pupil Evie Murray. Grace’s choice of Silent Noon was delivered with a smooth, full tone from memory whilst Evie’s performance of Once Upon a Dream was impressive in its gentle, lyrical and emotional delivery.

Tilly Hale’s choice of God Help the Outcasts similarly pulled at the audience’s heart-strings and provided a song which enabled Tilly to demonstrate the range of her voice and its developing strength, clearly underpinned by some excellent vocal technique.

Emily Ahmad also has a lovely even tone and great tuning, with the gentle lullaby A Cradle Song suiting her voice well. With Christmas approaching, Amy Cornfield sang the seasonal Walking in the Air. Her clear voice and good pitch resulted in a confident performance of which she should be proud.

A recording is on the intranet.

Our next informal concert is on Wednesday 21 November, when it will be the turn of the guitarists. See you then.