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Leavers Reunion for 2017 and 2018

Almost eighty recent leavers from 2017 and 2018 returned to school for an enjoyable drinks reception in the Pavilion on Friday 7 September.

The alumni spent time with Headmaster Bob Griffin, Senior Deputy Head Martin Hughes, Head of Sixth Form Ali Marsh and former Head of Townsend House Al Reynolds and Head of Crossing House Mike Wilcock. Heads of Buller, Daw and Collins Pete Boddington, Emily Whittall and Emily Dunlop chatted with former pupils joined by Chemistry teacher Fiona Tamblyn, Director of Music Peter Tamblyn, Deputy Head Graham Bone and Exams Officer Emily Buchanan.

Many alumni returned to school after their gap year or first year at University, and enjoyed the chance to catch up with each other and friends who left the School last summer.

Thanks to the catering staff for a delicious selection of sandwiches, sushi and fruit tartlets.

We look forward to the Old Exonian Day and Dinner on 22 September and Bristol Buffet and Reception on 9 November. Please see the website for more information: