An exhilarating week

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An exhilarating week

Army Summer Camp

During the first week of the summer holiday, 19 Army Section Cadets from the Middle Fifth, Upper Fifth and Lower Sixth embarked upon the annual Summer Camp. This year we were not allocated a place on a centrally organised CCF camp so we ran our own trip based from Okehampton Camp.

Soon after arriving we deployed on a two-day exercise to the Dartmoor training area and the cadets received some excellent training from the Cadet Training Team led by Sgt Hodgkins. The initial focus was on individual skills and training progressed throughout the exercise, finally culminating in an impressive Section attack followed by an ambush. The Lower Sixth Non Commissioned Officer team of SSgt Tom Wright, SSgt Freddie Herring, SSgt Tom Barlow and SSgt Patrick Gilbert were particularly impressive during this stage of the camp, displaying excellent military skills and impressive leadership qualities.

Following the exercise we commenced the adventure training phase of the camp. An enjoyable and exhilarating day was spent coasteering and surfing in Newquay followed by an equally enjoyable day at Roadford Lake. Here we joined the Navy Section for paddle boarding, kayaking, wind surfing and a high ropes obstacle course. Our day at Roadford Lake finished with a pleasant barbeque on the banks of the lake enjoying the fantastic weather.

The next day we travelled to Willsworthy where all the cadets shot on the range. For many of the cadets this was the first time they had fired their rifles with live ammunition and impressively the whole group progressed well enough to fire from the 300-metre point. There was lots of good shooting on show but the top shooters on the day were Huw Bagwell from 100m and Toby Bower with impressive shooting from 300m.

Capt Trim, Head of Army Section, said the camp was a great experience for all involved.

“My thanks go out to all the cadets who participated with such enthusiasm throughout the week and huge thanks to Mr Smith, Mr Hyde, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Whittall who made the trip possible.”