A unique opportunity

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A unique opportunity

Montpellier 2018

During the second week of half-term, 20 pupils spent five days in “sunny” Montpellier. They attended classes in the highly respected LSF School, consolidating and practising their knowledge of the French language. Their teachers organised some debates, games and other activities that helped build their confidence.

When we were not in the classroom, we spent some time exploring the city. We loved its squares, churches, tiny streets, cafés, gardens, art venues, shops and much more. On the Sunday, we also had the opportunity to visit the Arènes in Nîmes and the Pont du Gard (an impressive three-tier aqueduct), both built by the Romans in the first century.

Mme Masters said this trip was a unique opportunity for the pupils to experience first-hand life in France, as they stayed in pairs of groups of three with a French family.

“Some enjoyed Michelin-star food, whilst others spent their evening discussing politics. What is for sure is that despite the rain, all had a unique experience in the heart of Occitanie.”